Cole & Amanda Kondra

We’re in love with entertaining. We find joy in hosting settings where people feel at ease in conversation and delighted by food and drink. Contributing to the warmth and ambience needed for a memorable event is what we’re all about!

Tea Time is a creative outlet for both of us. Cole’s regular work day is spent as a Manager for a nationwide corporation, and I run a private clinic as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. In the daily grind of work we don’t always have time to express the softer sides of ourselves.

That’s where Tea Time comes in. Cole’s inspired by cooking and baking, and I enjoy crafting specialty teas. My background with herbalism leaves me passionate about serving delicious custom teas while Cole’s obsession with elegant baking and gourmet cooking keeps him dreaming about his next recipe.

We love seeing people comforted by fresh homemade goods and lovely restorative teas, and we hope you will welcome us at your next event!


Amanda & Cole Kondra