Charcuterie Board Service

​If impressing your guests with tea and dainties isn’t enough, organizing an event with a large Charcuterie Board can bring all the fancy you need. Your guests will be in awe over the careful decoration and delicious cohesive flavours presented on the board. What can we say? We love artisanal cured meats with gourmet cheeses AND tea with scones, but in a different way. Our Charcuterie Board Service brings a high-end feel to any event, especially when paired with our Mixology Services for specialty cocktails. Add to that our expertise in Music by allowing us the pleasure of organizing your preferred playlist or connecting you with a local musician for live entertainment. You are also welcome to add any of our themes found under our Tea Services (but without the tea!). We set the mood and bring the food, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy, and mingle the night away.

Send us your budget and we’ll tell you how elaborate we can be!